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Web Hosting

If your business is large, medium or small, you need a web site to convey important information to potential and existing clients and customers.

McAllen Solutions will host your domain name, Web site and e-mail. If you have multiple domain names, we will park your domain names and redirect web and e-mail traffic as you request. Our hosting pricing is very reasonable.

Please call us for prices.

With abundant disk space and data transfer, McAllen Solutions hosting comes with the power you need to showcase your business to a worldwide audience. Your web site will have room to grow as your business needs change and your company expands its online presence.

E-mail Hosting

McAllen Solutions will host your e-mail under your domain name. We provide complete services for the POP3 and SMTP protocols. If you have multiple domain names, we can serve each domain name or provide e-mail aliases in multiple secondary domain names to forward messages to your primary domain. We also offer an on-line interface so you can check your e-mail from any computer you want.

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